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For over 17 years, Optimum Energy Products has distributed over 50 major brands of test and measurement products into over 30 countries. Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Optimum Energy employs knowledgeable staff that can help you choose the right product. With warehouses in Canada (ship from Calgary, AB) and the US (ships from St Louis, MO), we can serve customers with fast delivery without the worry of import fees and taxes.

Recent Blog Posts

14 Jan 2014

FLIR announced 6 new thermal rifle scopes at an event on The Range in Las Vegas as part of Shot Show 2014. They are the Thermosight RS, new from FLIR Personal Vision Systems, and offer a great civilian infrared sight in an affordable and effective …

13 Jan 2014

There was a surprise at the Consumer Electronics Show this year when FLIR, the largest manufacturer of thermal technologies, announced a compact and affordable thermal imager that fits on an iPhone.
The FLIR ONE might look like a simple iPhone case, but there is actually an …

20 Nov 2013

Fluke recently launched a new line of TI thermal cameras under the Ti200, Ti300 and Ti400 series. Among the many upgrades in these new units is an enhanced autofocus system.
How do conventional infrared cameras know what to focus on? Usually they use a system of …

7 Nov 2013

Canadian Tire announced its Mastercraft Maximum thermal imager in its Sept 13th flyer at a sale price of $499. Within 2 days every store in the Toronto area was sold out. Needless to say, with a resolution of only 192 pixels its imaging performance is less than acceptable, and it should probably not even be labeled a thermal imager.

4 Nov 2013

We have a special offer from FLIR running up until the end of 2013. It’s a tiered system of freebies that means the more you spend, the more gear you’ll get included!
This offer is applicable to all FLIR commercial systems products, including the brand new …